SGCT has started medical lab at SGN Hospital, very helpful service for poor patients.
Inauguration of SGN lab took place on 4th April.
SGN Lab will provide all medical investigations in very low price, to poor patients.
All trustees was present at the inauguration.
SGCT has been granted 12A and 80G registrations, Itr true reward for us.
SGCT is planning to increase work field to other countries also.

About us

Wellspring Health, Education and Cancer Research Foundation

WHECRF is charitable organization working in medical education, health care, disease prevention and research

WHECRF is organization, made by group of doctors and health workers from all over the world.
This organizations is registered as Society and Non religious Charitable Trust, under Charity commissioner, Govt of India.
This organization works for two basic GOALS

  1. To research in health care and Biomedical Sciences
  2. To apply its research in health care delivery to areas with almost no modern treatment facilities available

Foundation History

Shree GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT) is parent organization of WHECRF and WHECT. SGCT was established in year 2010 in Rajasthan.

On June 15th, 2012, WELLSPRING HEALTH, EDUCATION AND CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION was built upon the tremendous success of Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT)

SGCT working area was smaller, Only Rajasthan Province, SGCT is now working as parent-division of WHECRF in Rajasthan.

SGCT founders are-

  1. Dr. Gagan D Arora
  2. Mr. Manoj Faujdar
  3. Dr. Mehul Parmar
  4. Dr. Piyush Gopani
  5. Dr. Dishank Chauhan
  6. Mr. Ashok Kumar

Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT) was initially established to work in the field of Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, to serve the poor people and people living in remote areas, SGCT’s initial two prime objective was-

  1. To decrease mother (MMR) and infant mortality rates (IMR) in area
  2. To decrease malnutrition

Visit www.sgct.in to know more about Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT).

Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT) achieved its goals, which further laid foundation stones of WHECRF. Idea behind foundation of WHECRF was to-

  1. Increase the working area of “Shri GuruNanak CharitableTrust” from regional to GLOBAL, for its two main prime objectives mentioned above.
  2. Epidemiological research on All Common Cancers prevalent in many areas.

For above two basic ideas, WHECRF was established.

Later some more prime objectives, we added in the work field of WHECRF

  1. To study all possible causes of MMR and IMR
  2. To study all possible causes to Malnutrition
  3. To utilizing the most powerful and practically proven tools available to reduce MMR, IMR and Malnutrition
  4. To study common carcinogens in area, people of area are exposed to
  5. To study environmental and effects by human habitats of area
  6. To treat common diseases in minimum clinical facilities

Epidemiological surveys are our best weapon to fight disease

Causes of these problems (Maternal mortality, Infant mortality, Malnutrition in children, Cancer) depends on vast range of local and environmental factors. To find out all local, social, economic, and cultural factors, WHECRF was working to identify basic causes of these problems. It is using epidemiological data collection from door to door, patient to patient, Doctor to Doctor and Health worker. Data is then carefully arranged for interpretation, using mathematical and statistical standard procedures.

If any factor studied in such surveys, if the association of it with any malignant disease has been established by these standard mathematical calculation, we send our results to government health department to look into it in depth, We yourself don’t wait to government agencies to react, We immediately start our awareness campaign to aware people about relation of this factor to this malignant condition.

United Network of NGO's: A step ahead

In 2016 onwards WHECRF with parent body Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT) got cooperation of other charitable organizations, it made a united network, which achieved proven success, in projects like

  • Free Cataract Surgeries (Operation Global Vision)
  • Free cleft lip / Cleft Palate Surgeries (Operation Global Smile)
  • Contraceptives awareness camps (We two, our two)
  • Sexually transmitted Disease awareness camps (Save your partner, you love most)
  • Tuberculosis awareness camps
  • Free vaccination camps
  • water-related disease awareness camps
  • Carcinogen awareness camp
  • Environment protection
  • Animal rights (Love all animals, not only pets / Animals are gifted life by god, not you)

These all goal-oriented projects has increased field of work of WHECRF which initially focused on only two prime objectives

  • To decrease mother (MMR) and infant mortality rates (IMR) in area
  • To decrease malnutrition

Tie up with more then 200 Hospitals

WHECRF has tied up with around 200 major community and private hospitals of different provinces. WHECRF is helping needy patients if they come to these 200 plus hospitals, and hospital authorities inform WHECRF that this patient admitted there, is unable to bear cost of investigations and treatments, hospital asks WHECRF help, WHECRF provides medical and financial support to such patients, with support of network of these 200 plus hospitals. Many rich people coming forward to donate funds to WHECRF for its good works for humanity.

List of tie up hospitals

WHECRF is striving hard to provide good health services to people who cannot afford. Good health is a right of each and every person and WHECRF cares for a good and a healthy life to all.