SGCT has started medical lab at SGN Hospital, very helpful service for poor patients.
Inauguration of SGN lab took place on 4th April.
SGN Lab will provide all medical investigations in very low price, to poor patients.
All trustees was present at the inauguration.
SGCT has been granted 12A and 80G registrations, Itr true reward for us.
SGCT is planning to increase work field to other countries also.

Our Services

WHECRF and its sister organization WHECT is dedicatedly working for service of mankind, Work portfolio of WHECRF and WHECT is given below

Dedicated for service of mankind

Our Chritable works for human welfacre

WECT is sister organization of WHECRF, WHECT (Wellspring Health Education Charitable Trust) is dedicated for charitable works to serve mankind.

WHECT is established at Surat City and it is duly registered with charity commissioner of Surat. Registration Number E/8665 (SURAT)
Main works-

  • Free Medical Treatment for poor
  • Camps for Free cataract surgery
  • Free medicines distribution at slums, asylums, disaster hit areas and remote areas
  • Free OBGY / Pediatrics OPD consultation camps in Villages
  • Health education / awareness camps / health advise to pregnant and nursing women
  • Health Awareness camps in rural and tribal areas
  • Food distribution to children and eldrely in slums and asylums
  • Food distribution to asylums where mentally sick people live

Also WHECT is organizing blood donation camps regularly, for thalassemia children.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling services for doctors

We are running a career counselling service and placement service, free of cost, to help young doctors, who are seeking Post Graduation courses, or who are seeking jobs. We are guiding young doctors for best possible options of Post Graduation courses in budget. We are also running a placement services for young doctors who are seeking a good job for best career. For this service our website is www.enterpg.com click here to visit

Our Software Development projects

Medical Software Development

We are running a software development, having good team of software developers.

We have developed a smartphone app for medical students, doctors and health workers, this app helps in epidemiological data collection during surveys and data arrangement and stored in online server, sent for stastical calculation and interpretations.

At present our team is developing a state of art hospital management software, which will be very useful to run OPD, IPD, Hospital Laboratory, Pharmacy Store, imaging center and emergency services. This software will have many features which reduce lot of manual work of documentation and record keeping, this will increase hospital's working efficiency.

We are running a smartphone app to help medical students, who are preparing for NEETPG or USMLE exams, this app named mcqbuster, it has millions of MCQs there answers with explaations with text book reference. It also contains vedios of best medical teachers.