SGCT has started medical lab at SGN Hospital, very helpful service for poor patients.
Inauguration of SGN lab took place on 4th April.
SGN Lab will provide all medical investigations in very low price, to poor patients.
All trustees was present at the inauguration.
SGCT has been granted 12A and 80G registrations, Itr true reward for us.
SGCT is planning to increase work field to other countries also.

Welcome to WHECRF
A Charitable Organization

We are group of doctors and health workers from different countries, working for these six main objectives

  1. Providing Medical Education with more clinically applied way (no bookish way)
  2. Environmental protection and research, effects by human habitats of areas
  3. Environmental effect on Health, on both human and animal
  4. Humanitarian approach, Animal rights Protection
  5. Providing free healthcare services to poor and people living at remote areas
  6. Epidemiological Research for Malignant Diseases

The Model of WHECRF

SGCT granted 12A and 80G registrations, Its a true reward for our good works

Our Services

Medical Education, Research and Charity are our three main services

Medical Education

We are running a Medical University at Guyana
We run Career counselling service and placement service for Doctors
We run Medical Education App for Medical Students for preparation of NEETPG and USMLE
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Two kind of research works we are caring out
1. Epidemiological Study based research
2. Lab based research
Our own two charitable hospitals, Over 200 tie up hospitals, 10 attached Nursing Colleges, One own medical College, Over 400 Doctors are our Members cum Volunteers, This huge network, spread over more than 20 countries, this network supports us for our Epidemiological Research
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WHECT this organization is workings as charitable wing of WHECRF, Both WHECRF and WHECT are duly registered as charitable, non-profitable organizations. These organizations are working for poor needy people, working mainly in field of Health and Education. We are running two charitable hospitals, where we are providing free treatment / very cheap and medicines to poor people, We are providing all lab investigation in 5-10% of market rates. We request you to be a witness of it, and encourage and support us in our good works.
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Our Mantra

This is very crucial to providing a high-quality education, as both school level and medical education including all related facts about latest health threats, environmental effects on health, side effects of industrialization and all possible measures to protect environment, We consider protecting environment means protecting of human species from extinction. It’s important to understand that we have extremely damaged our environment in last 50 years, in history of thousands years it was almost unaffected by its habitats.

Research is driving force of our group, We are continuously involved in research, our focus on latest health threats from environmental factors.

Updated and practically applied medical education is important aspect of maintaining community health, diversified clinical experience to medical students, Providing high quality medical education to medical students not only means diagnosis and treatment with help of advanced technology and modern equipment but also it includes prevention of disease and its successful treatment with help of very limited resources.

Every human being, should spare 1 to 10% of its income, and spend it on really needy people or on animals, if he is unable to give his time, it’s our duty. Any positive contribution in nature or eco-cycle, will be considered equivalent to charity.


Team is Team, Every member is important, People running a organization by their consistent efforts and hardwork, more worthy to mention them here, still it’s only a tradition to mention founders at homepage

Dr. Mehul Parmar


A Doctor (Radiologist) from Surat, Honest, Social, Spiritual and Very Dedicated to service of mankind.


Dr. Gagan Arora


A Doctor (Senior Pediatrician) from Mumbai, Dynamic, Determined, Quick learner and very Kind Enterpreneur.


Dr. Piyush Gopani

Young Physician

Physician from Surat, Intelligent, Multi talented, Honest and with Team Leader capabilities.


Mr. Manoj Kumar

Entrepreneur from Rajasthan

A Businessman from Bharatpur, Truthful and unimpeachable, very Humane, lively person.


Recent works for community health and social welfare

Please have a look at given list of works, we recently did for mankind, If you like our efforts, you can support us is many ways

Inauguration of SGN Charitable Lab

4th April, At SGN Hospital Bharatpur, SGN Charitable Laboratory has been inaugurated by Trustees of Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust, with the commitment that this Charitable laboratory will provide all medical investigations in very low cost to poor patient, SGCT (with WHECRF) will run this laboratory on NO PROFIT basis. All trustees was present during Ganpati Pooja at the time of inauguration.

Read More about SGN Lab
Aavailable tests, their subsidized rates

Free investigation camp at SGN Lab

24th June, A free Investigation camp organized by SGCT for the service of community. In this camp SGCT did free investigation for the following tests - CBC, Blood Suger, Blood Grouping, Platelets, Hemoglobin, Hepetitis B, Hepetitis C, HIV, Urine Routine ( a set of 11 tests), Urine Pregnancy test, ECG, Blood Pressure etc, In this Free Investigations camp around 54 patient get benefitted by our service.......

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Free treatment camp at village Rarah

Free treatment and free medicine distribution camp organizes at rarah village on 7th Feb, 164 patients seen by physicians. Free Medicine distribution sponsored by SGCT, Some patients advised to come to SGN Hospital for Blood tests and Chest Xray. Our try to organise regular free treatment camps, where government is fail to provide good health services to common man......

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Free treatment camp at villege Nagla Kuba

Free treatment and free medicine distribution camp organizes at village Nagla Kuba on 7th Feb, 84 patients treated by physian and gynecologist. Good Quality free medicine distributed. Most patients was ladies and elderly male complaining respiratory problems. Here due to very low temperature, elderly people suffering from respiratory problems (mostly allergic asthmatic problems), some patients given opinion to come at SGN hospital form free blood / Urine Investigations. Records of all patients and medicines given free of cost, was maintained by respected patron and senior trustee of SGNCT Mr. Ashok Ji, Special thanks to Mr. Manoj ji who funded this camp.......

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Support us

Please have a look at given list of works, we recently did for mankind, If you like our efforts, you can support us is many ways

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Although its very late to understand importance of social networking and blogging, Late but not last, still We are glad to start this blog for our team, our supporters, our admirers, our critics and all other participants who want to know our activities, We believe, daily updating of blog and displaying our all activities, may inspire some one to join us as a team.

If through this, we can add few more team members, we will be happy and consider Blog as super success.

SGCT is installing clean drinking water facility for pedestrians

SGCT today in General meeting below given points has been decided.

  • SGCT will install Blue star make water Cooler of 200 liter capacity of cooled water tank
  • SGCT will install RO filter plant, to fill clean drinking water in water cooler tank
  • It will install 500 liter overhead tank to store tap water
  • It will install water cooler in front of hospital, beside road
  • This water facility will provide chilled filtered water to all pedestrians and attendant of patients
  • City Mayor will be invited to inaugurate this water facility
  • It will organize three day free treatment camp at SGN hospital
  • All local news papers will cover this event of inauguration and free treatment camp
    • We will need support of you all, thanks

WHECRF is now known name

WHECRF initially started as daughter body of SGCT, now it is well known, and doing great work in area of Gujarat. Recently in General body meeting WHECRF has proposed to expand its working area to Thailand Cambodia Nepal and Tanzania. Its Very good to know, All the best for WHECRF team.