SGCT has started medical lab at SGN Hospital, very helpful service for poor patients.
Inauguration of SGN lab took place on 4th April.
SGN Lab will provide all medical investigations in very low price, to poor patients.
All trustees was present at the inauguration.
SGCT has been granted 12A and 80G registrations, Itr true reward for us.
SGCT is planning to increase work field to other countries also.

Medical Education

Wellspring Health, Education and Cancer Research Foundation

Our Association with Lincoln American university

Lincoln American university

A Brief Introduction


“Lincoln American University” (LAU) in Guyana, is a world class medical University

LAU is recg by World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)

LAU is recognized by National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana), Govt of Guyana

LAU is recognized by Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education And Research (FAIMER)

LAU is recognized by Medical Council Of Canada (MCC)

LAU is recognized by Global Alliance Medical Education (GAME)

LAU is recognized by Association For Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)

LAU has been recognized by ECFMG, USA

LAU has been recognized by Government of Guyana.

LAU has been listed by Medical Council of India

For clinical rotations LAU has tie ups with some big hospitals of USA.

For more details Visit website of "Lincoln American University" www.laumed.org

Shri GuruNanak Charitable Trust (SGCT), with its daughter organization WHECRF (Wellspring Health Education and Cancer Research Foundation), is working with Lincoln American University, as Academic Partners.

With cooperation of our team of specialist doctors and medical teachers, SGCT (with help of WHECRF) is giving following services to LAU

  1. Providing support for regular updation of our academic curriculum, drafting our academic plans and teaching strategy for every semester
  2. Sharing our clinical knowledge and experience with LAU students and faculty members
  3. Providing Guest faculties for LAU's Pre MED and MD Programs to deliver lectures / organizing virtual classrooms for e-learning
  4. Sharing study material and videos of lectures

Our Mantra

- Epidemiological surveys are our best weapon to fight disease