SGCT has started medical lab at SGN Hospital, very helpful service for poor patients.
Inauguration of SGN lab took place on 4th April.
SGN Lab will provide all medical investigations in very low price, to poor patients.
All trustees was present at the inauguration.
SGCT has been granted 12A and 80G registrations, Itr true reward for us.
SGCT is planning to increase work field to other countries also.


Wellspring Health, Education and Cancer Research Foundation

Our Vision

WHECRF’s vision in humanitarian not commercial, since its inception. So, in Medical Education also, we will try to get students admitted who want to become doctor only for serving mankind, rather than who want to become doctor to earn good career.

Our health sector has defined key policy imperatives to facilitate attainment of its vision and mission. These are defined for:

  • Strengthening integrated health care
  • Promoting and protecting health
  • Preventing disease throgh epidemiological studies
  • Better Human resources for health
  • Sustainable financing for health
  • Research and innovation
  • Partnership and participation

WHECRF is organization, made by group of doctors and health workers from all over the world.
This organizations is registered as Society and Non religious Charitable Trust, under Charity commissioner, Govt of India.
This organization works for two basic GOALS

  1. Research in Biomedical Sciences
  2. To apply its research in health care delivery to areas with almost no modern treatment facilities available

Our Mantra

Epidemiological surveys are our best weapon to fight disease